Want to play but not sure if lessons are for you?

Well we have fourteen words for you ‘Try out a lesson at a discounted rate before booking in for a term!’

Surely there’s an easier way to say that….

To book your lesson, pay via the button below & get in touch to organise your lesson. If you don’t do Paypal, or want a chat before booking in, give us a call or email.

But make sure you don’t dawdle… this offer ends on the 15th February nope, trial lessons now available ALL THE TIME!

Per Term

Lessons cost $36 (incl GST) for a one on one 30 minute lesson and are payable in advance per school term.

Eg there are usually 10 weeks to a school term, so a full terms payment of $360 is to be paid on or before your first lesson. If you start lessons during the term, you only pay for however many weeks are left in the term (e.g. if there are only 4 weeks left in the school term you pay $144)

Casual Rate

Can’t commit to a whole term? We now offer a casual rate for those wishing to pay per lesson.

Lessons cost $40 (incl GST) for a one on one 30 minute lesson.

Casual lessons are paid for in advance when the booking is made. The same time/day/teacher each lesson isn’t guaranteed.



Lessons are to be paid for in advance per school term.

To reschedule a lesson, 24 hours notice must be given via email, phone or in person.

If a lesson has been missed & 24 hours notice has not been given, the lesson will not be rescheduled for another time.

The rescheduled lesson must be within the same term as the missed lesson. Rescheduled lessons are not carried over into new terms.

Rescheduled lessons are not guaranteed. If a suitable time cannot be arranged within the same term of the cancelled lesson, the opportunity for a make up lesson will be missed.

If a teacher misses a lesson & a substitute teacher has not been arranged, a rescheduled lesson will be made at a time that is suitable for the student & teacher. If however, a suitable time for a rescheduled lesson cannot be made, the missed lesson will be credited to the students account for next term.

To book lessons, or to make an enquiry, feel free to contact us.