Bass Lessons Newcastle

At Reynolds & Co, our bass students learn how to improvise, performance techniques, music theory & how to play with others.

Our bass teachers enjoy applying innovative teaching methods that help form a creative, fun and relaxed learning environment. Beginners are always welcome, parents or family members may also sit in on lessons. All students are given the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience at our regular end of term gigs.

In our bass lessons, we focus on having fun while playing & creating music. Our lessons are tailored to each student & students learn at their own pace. Our students learn correct techniques while learning popular songs.

Bass Lessons

  • All styles & techniques covered; learn how to slap, tap, double thumb, pop all over the fretboard
  • Learn sight reading, chord charts & theory
  • Improvisation and compositional skills; learn how to make your own bass lines and write your own songs
  • Learn the importance of playing with a drummer & how to play in a band

To book lessons or make an enquiry about bass lessons, contact us now.